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Can't install on Ubuntu Lucid - Syntax Error


First, i'm sorry for my english :-)

I want to install Coccinella on Ubuntu Lucid. I downloadet the normal Linux version, but when i try to run/install it with the following command

"sudo sh Coccinella-0.96.20.bin" (in the folder) i receive the following error:

"Coccinella-0.96.20.bin: 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")

i don't know how to resolve this error and how to install Coccinella with succes.

Can you please help me?

Thank you



Whiteboard Standard


I'm working on the implementation of an open whiteboard protocol under XMPP for a webclient, something I've seen asked many times before (JS whiteboard implementation). Since I would like this to be as standard as possible for comunication among all XMPP whiteboarding clients, I would like to know were could I have documentation of how coccinella sends whiteboard data, since (as far as I know) this is the only true whiteboard client until now.


Where is iaxclient-tcl devel code?

I have been looking at the development build instructions for the required libraries (iaxclient in particular). After going through the build instructions for iaxclient binary system libraries and building from svn, I now want to build the tcl loadable libraries but can't seem to find the source code to build them. I have been able to locate a debian and fedora source package but I run into some definition errors. Notably, this one:

iaxclient-tcl-2.0.2> make


white board only

is there a way i can integrate the white board to my web site. no jabber or third part...


Blocking Users

Is there a way to block users (contacts), you can delete but the reload next logon?



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