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Combine offline and online lists

I would really like to see all my contacts listed alphabetically in one list, not separated into "online" and "offline".


VOIP using Jingle


I am running an ejabberd XMPP server, and I am using Coccinella for chat with other users.

Users are running windows.

How can I enable the "Call" button on the chat window? Do I have to configure ejabberd for this?



Documentation project

Hi all,

Many thanks to the developpers for this great software.
Could someboy tell me if a documentation project is already running.
Even if I am not a specialist of the Jabber clients, I could help to the creation of a user manual. The only problem is that I only write and translate correctly (English or German) in French.


Paste screenshot from clipboard in to whiteboard

it's functions exists in cocinella on windows?
I am a system administrator and want to use cocinella in a working group of developers.
for rapid reporting of problems in the annex used screenshots.

how you can add this feature to whiteboard?

sorry for my English...


Error Connecting...

I just downloaded: Coccinella Messenger-0.96.18.exe

And when I try to connect to my jabber server, I get:

Cannot connect to Either there are server or network issues, or you misspelled the server's name.
Error: The connection failed or droped later: error writing "sock2936": socket is not connected.

What could I possibly be doing wrong?


I do note that my system sees it trying to access I blocked that, because I don't see why it should be connecting to anything but my server.



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