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do you provide any kind of commercional support? Im choosing jabber client for our clients and for that I will need problem solving, faeture adding, interface modification...


Windows NSI installer for coccinella


I've made a nsi's script to build an installer for coccinella.

You can find it at the end of this post.

create a directory as follow :
+ coccinella
|- BIN
|- NSI
|- SRC

BIN will contain the installer
NSI will contain the code below
SRC wil contain the uncompressed file downloaded there

Let me know if it was usefull or bugged

; Script generated with the Venis Install Wizard


Help me about the Witheboard !

Hi all.

I'm a electro-mechanical student and for I currently work on my degree's project.

I have to make an GUI application which is much like the Whiteboard. Your's is really very very good. But I don't know how to save the canvas content as a file which could be edited next time, and just like the '.can' of the whiteboard. And my programmation language is also Tcl.

Did you have any tips to help me out ? Or did you have the source code of the whiteboard, I promise I'll not copy it,and just learn how to do it, then make another one.




File Transfers

File transfers are minimally achieved by using port 7777 with OpenFire.

However, Coccinella 0.96.18 does not seem to track a default directory (per user) for placing file transfers and opens the file save dialog in /usr/bin (linux). I suggest adding default path preference item under File Transfers.

Your thoughts?


Network timeout

Hi all,

I have setup an Openfire server that is used by around thirty or so people. It has been running fine and I want to standarise on a single client, and I think Coccinella is the one I want to use. Featurewise it has everything we need.

We have a small problem where it sometimes disconnects with the error 'the connection was unexpectedly broken'. I think this may be down to our connection getting congested intermitently and Coccinella is timing out. It happens from more than one of our sites.



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