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If you didn't know PEP means Personal Event Publishing ( and is a kind of shortcut into a PubSub (Publish and Subscribe) that has been discussed since last summer, I think. At that time Magnus Henoch made a PEP patch to ejabberd but due to various circumstances I did only preliminary tests. In addition the patch didn't had the key caps/notify feature which didn't make it useful. Just recently Magnus announced the patch on the jdev list and that (my domain kindly supplied to the Chalmers guys) had it. So no reason to wait and I more or less completed the pep package in JabberLib and brought the Mood component on par with it. Seems that there is one bug left since retracting a node (with notify attribute) doesn't notify ("nichts happens").

Last Saturday I read in "Ny Teknik" ( that there was this really amazing plugin for Skype that made it possible to display users on Google Earth just by calling them. Simple I thought, and implemented Users Geolocation ( It doesn't exactly interact with Google Earth yet but that shouldn't be too difficult. Right now I ran out of energy on it. At least it displays users position in which url I just picked from the XEP spec. Since PEP isn't running widely there is no need to rush. For once I'm on the edge :-)

Just noted that the caps protocol I discussed in my previous post has now been official,

Well, that's it for now...


Thats cool, great job :D