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some problem with writting text

When i typing "превед" on chat i see "п©я─п╣п╡п╣п╢". What i can do for correct it?


Previously the binary distribution only had basic encoding support, but with the latest 0.96.0 I have added everyone that is distributed with Tcl/Tk. Get it directly from
I think that should fix it although I cannot test it.

in 0.96.0 same problem :(

Hi, I have the same problem

Soccinella: 0.96.0
OS: Ubuntu Linux 7.04 (utf8)
% package require Tcl
% info patchlevel

I try to type this word: проба
But this garbage appears: п÷я─п╬п╠п╟
And the text '\u043f\u0440\u043e\u0431\u0430' is typed when I try to insert 'проба' from the clipboard.

It's a pity, but Coccinella is not ready yet to be used for cyrillic users in (Ubuntu) Linux :-(

Does anybody known how to fix this problem?

P.S. Interested detail:


%encoding system

%pack [text .t]
(and I can type cyrillic in appear tcl/tk window without problem).
but only in tcl/tk, not in Coccinella

and LANG variable changing doesn't help me

Solution is very simply:
You need to use English Language instead of Russian in interface:

preferences->general->Language = English

That's all :)

Thanks for debugging this. I added a bug entry about this:

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

When I run Coccinella-0.96.0Linux-x86.tar.gz with LANG=ru_RU.KOI8-R and write "привет" in russian i saw weird "ÐÒÉ×ÅÔ".
But when I set utf-8 encoding it works well. I set LANG=en_US.utf8 (the only utf-8 locale i have on my linux for now)
btw i'm able to receive message in russian successful with both LANG settings.

One more note: when I switch interface language from English to Russian I get the same effect as described in post "Cyrillic characters cannot be typed corectly". So guys try to set English in Preferences/General

I have a similar problem: Czech accented characters are displayed as Japanese in Coccinella on Mac OS X.

The other end receives correct characters, not Japanese.

The sample sentence: "Příliš žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy."