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Command line options?

I would like to suggest some command line options to pass to the Coccinella client- I wish to be able to login w/ username, password, server, port to the system from one of my dashboard applications. I didnt see anywhere in the DOCS if command line works in Windows.

thanks Coccinella team!


I this needed? You already can do this by saving the password, entering an account and server, and enabling the auto-login feature so that Coccinella is started when you execute the binary.

Nope, that works only for one user profile, but if more than one user has access to that PC, I would like a better way to automate the passing of the user id, password, server, etc... by command line.


Jeff Hines

This would be a great benefit!

It would also solve my problem with server selection
(Probably you remember: I have to use different servers if i'm inside company or outside)
So i'm able to select the server by using a script...

Regards Cliff