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Little compatibility information between Jabber clients

Well, i start this post to add information about compatibility issues between IM clients.

Actually i made a test transferring some files between Pandion an Coccinella. The transfer was successful when i sent a file from coccinella to Pandion. But when i tried to send a file from Pandion to cocinella i get the following error:
iqhook ::OOB::ParseSet failed: 1
missing close-bracket
while compiling
"set ans"
(compiling body of proc "::OOB::ParseSet", line 33)
invoked from within
"::OOB::ParseSet ::jlib::jlib1 {query {xmlns jabber:iq:oob} 0 {} {{url {} 0"
("uplevel" body line 1)
invoked from within
"uplevel #0 $func [list $jlibname $from $subiq] $args"

I used Coccinella Messenger-0.96.2 for windows and Pandion 2.5. for this test.

When i make a connection between these clients i can see the Cocinella user´s avatar pic into Pandion. But from Cocinella client i can´t see the Pandion user´s avatar.

I hope this info could be usefull to make a better Coccinella client and more compatible with others Jabber clients....


That typo seems to have slipped through while doing the big string update. Yet a reason to get an automatic syntax checker from ActiveState. Fix in cvs.

I made other test transferring some files between Pandion an Coccinella, using the New Coccinella 0.96.3Win version.

Again the transfer was successful when i sent a file from coccinella to Pandion (But first the Pandion user have to write something to me or Coccinella shows a message that say: does not support file transfer, these also happened in Coccinella 0.96.2).

But when i tried to send a file from Pandion to cocinella now a window message appear: wants to send you this file: Archivo: Anyhting.pps. Descripción: 619.5KBDo you wan to receive this file?.

When i choose YES, i can select the destination for this file and then a Window with a Progress bar appear, but the progress bar is empty and the file is not transferred.

I searched the file in the target directory and i found the file with the 619.5 KB but i couldn´t open it. When i use the "Cancel" button in the progress bar Window the file then disappear...

Sounds like a firewall/NAT issue. Can you switch on the Info/Debug menu to print the xml I/O? If it is using oob (http) then it can't handle these issues, and I don't have a mechanism to automatically detect any http proxy.

Dear Matben. I don´t think it could be a firewall problem. First i can send files to a pandion user (the problem is getting files from a pandion user). Second using Pandion in both sides I can transfer files without any problem. Third using Coccinella in both sides I can transfer files without any problem. i post the Debug text : RECV: RECV: kB SEND: SEND: SEND: kB

I need to see the xml of the actual negotiation to see what protocols is in use, else I have no chance of bug tracking. Switch on this before you initiate any file transfer.

I posted the full XML debug content. When i post it in the forum the xml tags are hidden... How could i send you this debug text??

Zip it up and mail me directly:
Sometimes systems are "smarter" than we are...

&lt; == <
&gt; == >
&amp; =&

Just tested Pandion vs. Coccinella and I can send files to Pandion but not from. The latter is expected since XP doesn't allow outbound connections even if from LAN.

The protocol being used here is xmlns='jabber:iq:oob' so it seems Pandion does not support the si/bytestreams/ibb protocol of we just fail to detect it (?). In any case, Pandion is able to connect to our http built in service (not 100% sure oob was used here). but coccinella fails to connect to Pandions http service. The only way this can happen (?) is if there is a NAT/firewall somewhere. Coccinella fails to detect any http proxy configs at this stage.

Note that coccinella coccinella uses bytestreams (normally) and a Psi extension that handles one sided NATs, it doesn't matter which side. How Pandion works I have no idea. Maybe the case is simply that we fail to detect its bytestreams support (?).

I made some test sending small and big files, the results were:
When i sent a small txt file (5KB size) from Pandion, the Window with a Progress bar did not appear and i could receive the txt file, after select the destination folder.

When i sent a big txt file (300KB size or more) a Window with a Progress bar appear, i found the file in the destination directory with 0KB size, but i could open it and see the full content of the file. When i use the "Cancel" button in the progress bar Window the file then disappear, if I just close the progress bar window the file size change to the real size. It also work for .gif or .jpg files but not with other content like .pdf, video, .ppt, etc.

It seems a sync problem, coccinella receive the full file but it´s in memory and the user can´t open it. It also have some format problems i can receive a .txt and.gif file without problem (closing the dizzy progress window) but i can´t open or use another files extensions ....

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I found that Coccinella progress bar doesn´t work, and if i use "Cancel" the file is not saved. I have to close the progress window after the file transfer is confirmed in Pandion... In Pandion there are no errors, the progress bar show full transfer, and the "Close" button is working well.

Another tip when i transfer a Power Point file (.ppt) or Acrobat Reader file (.pdf) i have to close coccinella before open the received file, then i can open the files. Actually the received files are working OK. I don´t have to close coccinella with .doc files, video files or .txt files.

I found another bug, each time i send a file type that i can´t open (.ppt, .bmp, .pdf) Coccinella uses more memory (it grow in the same size of the transfered file from Pandion). You can see it opening the task Administrator after a few transfer, coccinella is using more of 40MB.

Hello Mat and Sander,

i downloaded the last coccinella version (09-12-2007) an i found that i can transfer any kind of files between pandion an coccinella (and viceversa) without any problems. The file transfer is workink perfect, congratulations this new version is working very good. The progress bar in coccinella is now working and I also see the lock icon when i stablish a secure connection with my jabber server.

Great work...
P.D: I only have a little problem, i found a error message when i open coccinella but i´ll post the log in a new forum post.