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Does Coccinella support XMPP SRV records ?


I'm trying to login to the "" Jabber server, using my (existing) login and password, but Coccinella crashes.

The domain XMPP SRV records point to "", which is the server's full qualified hostname. "" is one of the ejabberd's virtual hosts, and "" is another virtual host.

I want to login to "" (Coccinella crashes, but I can login with other Jabber clients like Psi or Tkabber), not "" (where Coccinella works).

Does Coccinella support XMPP SRV records ?
How can I debug why Coccinella is crashing ?

Sérgio Araújo


I don't think Coccinella supports XMP SRV Records. So, I filled a bug report in the new bug tracker:

If you start Coccinella from source, you can increase the debug value to something like 4:
set debugLevel 4

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

The bug is now fixed. It was a circular reference in their disco tree that resulted in an infinite recursion in coccinella code, see LaunchPad tracker.
Yes, DNS records are supported.