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VOIP with JackenIAX and iaxcomm

Hi, I'm just wonder how do I set JackenIAX and iaxcomm up to interoperatet with Coccinella on OS X. This should be doable considering that they all use IAX.

These are the config details,
account name
account password
AIX Host
CID Name
CID Number

I believe Coccinella uses speex, does it not? So I assume both programs should coincide in this.



The IAX account details could be configured in the past but Mats disabled this in the preferences as it was too complicated and because he first wanted to switch to the newer iaxclient 2.0 version. There must be a way to reactivate these tabs again (or you can use an older version of Coccinella) but I have to ask Mats how to do this (I'll ask him now).

Yes, Coccinella uses Speex.

We disabled this possibility since it was unclear how it interacted with the p2p iax client code. It was a kind of mixture of a server connected softphone and p2p voip communication that confused the interface to the user. When there is better integration for this in XMPP it will likely be put back. Perhaps someone has already invented an xmpp server component which notifies a user of an existing IAX server, don't know.

This is just sad. The IAX support in Coccinella was more than just acceptable. However, older versions used to contain some sad cosmetic bugs really frustrating users, so I was waiting for a new version (however I cannot say that I was checking new builds periodically).

Last version works just fine, but has IAX disabled... :(
You should really add some hidden control to enable it, which dummies will be unable to find fast. I don't really think someone will be implementing some VOIP-publishing features soon. Furthermore, I really think that implementing a VOIP-publishing and discovering feature, plus the client support for it would be even more complicated than just the IAX setup itself.

Other implementations of such feature, for example Openfire/Spark client-server bundle operate with server-stored mappings of the VOIP extension number to the JID, which are downloaded to Sparks after they connect to the Openfire.

Since you don't have your own server I think the IAX feature may be just suspended. Since it was really working it's quite sad.


Just undo this change and it will work again. If you need any help, just tell.

PS: IAX is not disabled. IAX is used as transport method for Jingle voice sessions. What is disabled are the preferences to fine tune IAX (using a different codec, using a server instead of P2P, and so forth). This is disabled for 2 reasons: 1) the settings are too difficult and will confuse the end user, 2) Mats wants to switch to iaxclient 2 first before he will try to make the UI more userfriendly and reactivate it again.

I get it, "Why confuse people that might break the app by fooling around with the settings", but there might be a way cover concerns. Simply, allow an "Advanced" button, accompanied with a warning such as, "Beware, adjusting these options may break VOIP".

In the case that something does break, there should be a "set default VOIP setttings" button.

If concerns regarding faulty IAX setttings questions flooding the forum is at the source of the non-transparency, a statement about non-default VOIP settings not being suported can be mentioned.

In the end, none of which has been discussed concerns my original question concerning how to guarantee interoperability with other IAX apps.


In the end, none of which has been discussed concerns my original question concerning how to guarantee interoperability with other IAX apps.

Well, I don't know JackenIAX and iaxcomm. If these are IAX compatible projects, they probably will be interoperable with Coccinella. At least it looks like both JackenIAX and iaxcomm are using the same underlying library for IAX as Coccinella. So, it will probably be no problem: Projects Using iaxclient. I've no experience though, so I guess you'll have to test yourself.

Can someone help me with linking static one-file _windows_ version of current stable coccinella with above changes rolled back ?

I understood that I should just edit one file and uncomment 3 strings, but I am not familiar with Tcl linking (never saw it, to be honest) and lacking windows workstation where I can do that, but have some windows workstations where I want to test jabber/voip functionality. Carrying ActiveTcl on those machines seems to be uncomfortable.

Thanks anyway.

P.S. If there would be any volunteers, the exe can be sent to or I can download it from wherever you want.

You don't need ActiveTcl. Download tclkit, download Coccinella source, execute tclkit.exe binary, open Coccinella.tcl from within the menu.