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Authorization at Coccinella

is impossible, I am very sorry... I generated a new ICQ number to use to try authorization (or subscription) of a new contact and was connected through a different jabber client (called Miranda IM): my first ICQ number through Coccinella and my second ICQ number through Miranda IM. I have seen a new contact at Miranda immediately but at Coccinella 0.9.6 never... :-( I tried everything whatever had crossed my mind but wanted to see a contact from Miranda (= my new ICQ number) - NEVER succeded.
I very like Coccinella but I don´t know what to do and therefore I don´t to use my ICQ number and jabber ID...gah
Need to say that messages and chat go all right but I never know who and when is online = this is a greatest defect of my using of Coccinella


Well, I tried it many times again and my conclusion is that´s really impossible to authorize a new ICQ contact...
I had running one Coccinella 0.96.7 with my first ICQ and many times tried to authorize my second ICQ number. Sending ask for authorization from Coccinella I was able only to deny it at alternative client Miranda IM - clicking on "authorize" absolutely nothing happened! Only adding of a new jabber ID Coccinella works correctly including authorizating process - but I much more need using of ICQ contact. I must say that I saw the online contact at Miranda truly online but really online contact at Coccinela was seen offline. I use a firewall Comodo but when everything other along Coccinella works I don´t comprehed why no authorization works...?
Therefore I will be momentarily forced to use alternative jabber client (Miranda e.g.), I am sorry. Despite of the Coccinella is much more pretty client than others...
Please, can anybody use to add a new ICQ contact into his Coccinella?!

Sidenote: Miranda is a multi-protocol client and connects directly to the ICQ servers. Coccinella is a Jabber client and cannot connect to the ICQ servers. Instead it connects to a third-party component (not part of the Coccinella project!!) on the server that translates "ICQ protocol language" into "Jabber protocol language". Coccinella has no support for ICQ, Coccinella has support for transports, and the ICQ transport has support for ICQ.

Anyway, a clear (KISS) report with ideas to improve things is always welcome...

I don't really understand the problem...can you make it more clear for me. I tried the ICQ transport (on myself to verify all is still working (and it seems so) and I took the opportunity to create a new ICQ video tutorial. Maybe that video tutorial can help you?

along the new manual for adding an ICQ contact (thanks for tutorial!), so:
1) after loginn to Coccinella I can see this screen:
2) after changing my status anyway I can see (only) one pending contact to be online (it´s interesting, isn´t it?)
3) only this contact works correctly:
4) Coccinella tells that I cannot see status of this contact but I see he is online!
5) trying to add a new ICQ contact (number):
6) I am asked to register icq transport - but I have registered it for a long time!! (see my roster)
7) I have registered transport a therefore I wanted to register it here:
8) bum! That´s impossible:
9) trying to register transport - impossible, too
There is written in tutorial that having registered icq transport it is not need to register it but why Coccinella asks me it???
The tutorial and princip are very clever and I don´t understand where are errors :-((

I can only agree it looks very weird. Particularly when you get presence from a contact you don't have any presence subscription to.
Else I suspect part of the problems appear because there are multiple ICQ transports on your server, and that gets confusing for the code.
8+9: This is clear because you already is registered as a user with an ICQ transport and you can't register once again with another ICQ service when you are already logged in with one ICQ service.

I will try to make a more detailed investigation of this using when I get some time.
If you want to understand better yourself you can select the Info/Debug menu, and right click the roster and pick Refresh or Update. Then you see the exact roster item for each user. It will also show when you get presence etc. The where ? is none|from|to|both gives you exact info on your subscription status with a particular contact.

A quick check shows:

RECV: <presence from='' to=''/>

SEND: <iq type='get' id='1048'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:roster'/></iq>
RECV: <iq from=''
to='' id='1048' type='result'>
<query xmlns='jabber:iq:roster'>
<item ask='subscribe' subscription='from' jid=''/>
<item ask='subscribe' subscription='from' jid=''/>
<item ask='subscribe' subscription='from' jid=''/>

And I see the presence of my ICQ contact and the ICQ contact don't see my presence, when it should be the other way around!
Trying to resubscribe the ICQ contact it surely receives my subscription, but the conformation never reaches me. Not sure where all the bugs are.

I have just checked in several bugfixes so that multiple transports of the same type (ICQ) should be handled much better. The "Add Contact" dialog now correctly identifies which transports we have registered, and muliple types are differentied in popup menu by their complete JIDs.

However, when I add an icq contact I never receive a response that the subscription is succesfull, type='subscribed', although my ICQ clients receives my request. Since I dont even get a response the problem must be somewhere else, likely the transport.

I have also just tested this on using transport and it seems to work allright. When you are unsure of exactly how your presence subscriptions look like for a certain contact, then right click it in the roster and pick the "Edit Contact" menu. Then you get a dialog which tells you your presence subscription in a spelled out way. There you also have the possibility to subscribe or unsubscribe a contact. I have a nice screenshot here but seems there is no way to post it here.

Another way, low level, is to bring up the xml console Control-Shift-D, and then you again right click anywhere in roster and pich "Update" or something. Then you should see subscription="both" for that contact if things are allright. (Sorry I haven't fixed the copy text thing yet...)

Well, that's all that comes to my mind right now.

I have a nice screenshot here but seems there is no way to post it here.

@Mats: I just created The Mile. It's to list unpublished pages (unfinished or not intended to become public). You can add screenshots for comments such as this one using that page.