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New feature - Pop up the MUC windows even when it is closed

We are using coccinella at work but the only feature our supervisors seems to be missing is the ability to have a MUC window pop up, when a user add a new comment to it, even after you close it. We have been using skype a lot at work but we want to get rid of it and this is the only feature they are missing.

It seems that when you close a window you log out from the chat room and you do not receive notifications for any updates in the chat.

Is this a limitation of the jabber server or do you think it can be easily implemented in the client?

I am willing to participate in the development of it if someone could get me started. I haven't code in tcl/tk before but how hard can it be :)


When you join (enter) a MUC room you start getting presence and messages from all participants in the room, and when you leave the room (exit) you stop getting any more messages or presence. When you close the room window you also exit it by default. So you want a possibility to close the room without exit it. Wouldn't it be enough if you just minimized the groupchat window? With tabbed rooms this isn't possible unless you minimize all rooms. If there was a preference switch "x exit room when closing window" then you would need another mean to exit it since it's UI is gone. Any ideas of how all this would look?

PS: relocating our home so expect long response time :-(

In skype you can exit a group chat by pressing the "Leave Chat" button when the Chat window is open. There is no point in leaving a room after the window is closed. If you lose interest in the chat then next time someone posts a comment in it you can choose the "Leav Chat" button to disconnect.

A "x exit room when closing window" preference would be great

There can be made at least one point: not leaving the room will cause more traffic and more resourced needed. This is not good for running Coccinella on mobile devices.