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Why Does The Buddy List Window Need To Stay Open On The Task Bar?

Pretty much every other IM client allows you to minimise it to the systray, without the chat window also being minimised. So why can't it be done in Coccinella?


Click with the right button of your mouse on the systray icon of Coccinella and select Minimize. There also is an option in the preferences to automatically minimize at Coccinella startup.

That worked once and then the next time I tried it it minimised both windows.

Which isn't what I really want.

No, it's okay. I've worked it out.

If both windows are open (i.e. not minimised to the taskbar) then they both get minimised to the systray. But if only the buddy list window is open and the chat window is minimised then right clicking on the systray icon and choosing "minimise" will only minimise the buddy list.