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Where are the other protocols (icq,aim,yahoo,msn?)

I installed the latest version on my ubuntu system and followed the tutorial for adding new contacts with the other protocols, but the only one that is shown is Jabber (not like the tutorial screenshots). Am I missing something?


You need a server that has transports for these networks. Either you install an account on a server that already has transports, or either you point Coccinella to a server with public transports. Coccinella does not supports the other networks, so if you want to chat with people on other networks you need transports that provide this support.

As you already have an account, you can do the second method:

  1. Log on to your account
  2. In the menu click Actions and then Discover Server...
  3. Select a server from the list or enter one and proceed.
  4. Click the Contact button in the main window and the transports should be available

Note 1: This list can help you to find servers with public transports:

Note 2: A few days ago, Microsoft changed something in the MSN protocol and caused all transports to stop working. This is already fixed in 2 MSN transport code bases, but it may be difficult to find a server that already updated the transport.

Note 3: We have plans to make transports easier on servers without transports (e.g. Google Talk). So you should get a better out of the box experience in future Coccinella versions (hopefully next version).

its actually with 2 b's instead of one for jabber.

also what do you mean by the Note 3 ? Google Talk is not supported currently?
I am not familiar with Transports in this regard so am I bit lost as to how to use my GTalk account in Coccinella.

Hardik Kheskani

Thanks, I fixed the typo in the URL.

With note 3 I mean that using transports will become easier. Google Talk is supported as Google Talk == XMPP/Jabber. Instructions for Google Talk are here, but the easiest way is probably to simply open the File menu, select Edit Profiles, select the example Google Talk profile, edit the values to match your account, and then save the profile. Hit Login and select the Google Talk profile.

Thanks for the info...I guess I just dont understand why all the servers dont support all the protocols. Seems crazy...
My main goal is to get away from pidgin/gaim, as it is the devil.


They don't have them all because not all of them have installed the same "transport plugins". This is sometimes even not possible, as there exist a few transports that are not compatible with all server software (e.g. the QQ transport is only available for servers running Openfire). Other reasons why not all the protocols are available on all servers are:

  • Lack of time to administer (many) transports
  • Server is primarily intended for people in a specific region where only a few closed networks are used by people
  • Server resources are limited
  • And so forth