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User Nickname

I just checked in code for User Nickname which I think is a very important protocol extension and a missing part of XMPP. Never really understood the name attribute of the roster item since that is not set by that user.

Perhaps it would be a useful thing to have a server component set this name attribute automatically to a users published nickname, but that would probably break a number of things. One thing I still don't really understand with PEP is how to obtain a specific node for a user when I log on. I guess I need to do a pubsub items request after I have verified the server supports PEP. But this will generate a log in burst when I query all users for all the PEP stuff I'm interested in, mood, geolocation user nickname and whatever. I will just wait and see if this is the way to go.

I can't help to note that the final version of the User Nickname XEP is a year old, and it assumes the existence of PEP which is still very immature. I use Magnus PEP patch for ejabberd at and it still has some problems using full JIDs instead of bare JIDs in events.


Why would you need to obtain specific nodes? This information is pushed to you automatically when you log on, and your client says it is interested in these events (either through adding extra entity capabilities in your presence, or by manually being subscribed to this node).

Also, IIRC, events should never be sent from full jids. The full jid of the publisher should be a part of the event body.

First, using the ejabberd PEP patch at I don't see that I get any pushed messages to me from available users when I log on. My impression was also that this was the expected behavior. Second, I was just saying that the above mentioned patch has a bug since it uses full JIDs instead of bare JIDs in messages.