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File transfer again

We are using Coccinella 0.96.12 on Mac and Linux, with an OpenFire server, the users being "hidden" behind NATting firewalls.

When trying to send files, the save dialog pops up at the receiving side. after clicking ok, Coccinella takes a few seconds, then pops up a message on the receiving side stating that the file could not be found on the sending side, on the sending side we get an error "missing streamhost-used".

Now I know that file-transfers are originally by-passing the Jabber server, thus won't work with NATted clients. However, Openfire supports acting as proxy in this case (yes, the respective option is switched on), and I thought I have read somewhere in the forum that Coccinella supports sending files via proxy since somewhen 2007.

Is this supposed to work in this combination (OpenFire/Coccinella)? Is there some Coccinella-side setting necessary for enabling proxy support (I assume, the HTTP proxy setting is for HTTP proxies, not for file-transfer proxies :-)). Does Coccinella do some magic guessing if it should use a proxy or not - which fails (did I mention the OpenFire server is accessed via VPN connections and uses a private IP address itself?)? Have we made some silly mistake?

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Can you try to debug this? Maybe there is a bug in Openfire or Coccinella. At least the error means Coccinella thinks something is wrong AFAICS (see jabberlib/bytestreams.tcl in the source):

# Must end the normal path if the target sent us weird response.
if {![info exists istate($sid,streamhost-used)]} {
set istate($sid,state) error
set istate($sid,subiq) {error "missing streamhost-used"}


I have exactly the same problem.
Do you have ideas or something new about this subject?

I'd like also to add that it's only for Coccinella that I have this problem.
I have a little OpenFire server. The most of users use Spark client and the transfer Spark to Spark work without problems.

Me, I try to use Coccinella. It works for Chat, but on the file transfer I get the same error ("missing streamhost-used").
The OpenFire server also works as file-transfer proxy (with 7777 port). And in Coccinella I set in Preferences->General->Network->Ports 7777 for "File transfer".

So... it seems a little bit strange why it doesn't work.

Any help?