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Whiteboard focus.


I've two problems with the linux version of Coccinella.

1. When I'm in a MUC and have a whiteboard open. As soon as I send a message or I receive a message, the whiteboard gets the focus.

2. When I close the whiteboard window and open a new whiteboard window, I get an error message that the former window can't be found.

Is that a configuration problem? I'm running version 0.96.16 on Ubunt 9.10(64bit)




I tried to reproduce it here on my opensuse 11.1 64Bit KDE desktop, with coccinella 0.96.17 but everything works fine for me here. What window manager do you use? Do you have changed some kind of configuration there that could cause the "strange" behaviour?

Also I can close and reopen whiteboard windows without problem here.