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New user with an issue

Hey, I am starting to get an issue now where coccinella wont open at all.
It'll start loading and then I'll hear a loud "pop" noise from my speakers and it'll stop right there.

I am using PCLinux2007 with coccinella 0.96.2. The program opened and was working fine before. No changes aside from the GUI's look was made to the client. No error messages popped up and I am not sure where to locate them if you guys wanted to see the log.


Does the development binary works for you (use the breakfast service)?

Sorry for the delay.

I just tried the "breakfast" build. Still, its the same effect. It starts loading up, I get a "pop" sound(more of a high-pitched squeak*) and it stops there. Im having thoughs as to whether or not its something to do with my system.