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Conflict of private tabs

Hello! Nice programm. But It has problem (bug I think). I use this program for corporate chat-rooms. If I select any user in right part of window and select item "Chat..." in cotext menu, then I have private room this him. But! If another user send message to me in this time, then his message display in tab of user that I selected. Both of they can send messages for me. But their messages will to show in some tab. If I send message in this tab, last user get it.
I wolud like to have separate private room. :)
Each user must have own tab.


Thx for the bug report, the issue is tracked in Bug #177747.

Wow! It is quickly!
Thank you very much!!!
Tell me please where can I download fixed version for Linux?

Tomorrow you can find an automatic daily build with the fix included. You can get the development source from CVS if that's not fast enough ;-)