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Coccinella to Coccinella voice chat fails: Firewall?


I just set up two Macs with Coccinella 0.96.4 and Jabber accounts. After browsing the preferences, I found that Coccinella want some open ports (General > Network > Ports), so I opened them on both sides (UDP and TCP as the preferences are not specific on which type of port Coccinella wants). I also activated NAT on the other tab and let Coccinella detect the external IP.
Then I tried to voice chat, which failed - no matter from which side I initiated the chat - with the error:
"Either you have a rigorous firewall or the other user has one that does not allow network connections like this".
Text chatting works fine though.
By the way: Voice chatting _inside_ the LAN works.

Any hints?


Those port settings only concern whiteboard image transports etc. and have nothing to do with voip. I use STUN ( to figure out the port mapping but I think my implementation is not complete and cannot deal with all situations. Since it works inside the LAN then this is likely the cause. You could try to detect which ports are used by iaxclient (voip) from the console (menu Info/Debug) and execute:
I get 4569 here.

I am having the same problem, except I can't send files either. I can use the whiteboard and PM's ok. I also can operate fully on the LAN, so I opened another account so I could contact both accounts (through outside of the LAN. This was successful totally. All functions of Coccinella worked perfectly without a hitch. BUT, It still won't work with my friend. I don't understand... we both have performed the same tests, and can contact ourselves outside of the LAN, but simply cant send files or do voice with each other. I also opened all ports both ways just to test and it still would not work with voice and files. Is there a fix for this yet? Or am I doing something wrong? I absolutely love this concept and really want to get on top of it. Any help much appreciated.