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cosmetic bugs

When i start Coc. I must click on Login or Action -> Login, is it suitable that checkbox are on dialog login. This checkBox of course influence checkBox in options (Jabber->Customization->"Login on Cocc.. startup"
i have idea to better translate:

Jabber->prizpusobeni->Při startu se přihlásit k Cocc...
(Customization->"Login on Cocc.. startup")
but more suitable is
Při startu se přihlásit ke Cocc... (k -> ke)

Info -> Font size ->

Normal, Large , Larger, Huge

you have: normální, větší, větší, veliké
but suitable is : normální, větší, velký, veliké

more suitable are: malé, větší, střední, obrovské (small, larger, medium (it´s means more large), huge)

you can see that:
when i switch language in options, many items in menu are bad change, maybe is suiatable to offer restart Coc. when user click on OK to close dialog options after change language.

Not all text in options (! only in options, i will be report you when i find other anotherwere) is translated to Czech language, for example:
General-> Network->Proxy:

Built in server -> Serverový build or build serveru

enable nickname coloring -> Zapni obarvování přezdívek

Show notifier window -> Zobrazuj notifikační okno

Whiteboard -> Plugins
Requires a restart -> Vyžaduje restart
when i click on Info-> Update Check, it´s showing: you already have the latest version available (0.96.4)
but is available 0.96.5, last number is daily build? Daily build are not official?



1) See

2) Regarding the Czech translation suggestions, you should best contact the current Czech translator. Maybe you both can share the work. You can find his contact information in the source here:

3) I already requested that in the past, but Mats said it would be too difficult. But maybe instead of restarting, the user can be given the choice to quit Coccinella:

4) Same suggestion: contact David.

5) Daily builds are no real versions. A daily build is like the name says a daily snapshot of the development code of Coccinella. So if you run this version you will have the latest development code up to when the build was made. So, you will have the newest features and the newest not for production use but very good for testing ;-)

ok ;-)