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Good afternoon,
I try to connect throw the Coccinella to jabber all the time but I am not succesfull as I am behind proxy at work ... :-(
Last I have got this report: "expected integer but got" - I don´t know what does it mean at all, can you help me please?
Many thanks!!

P.S.: I am able to connect at home where I am not behind proxy!


Can you give more information about how you try to connect using the proxy? Did you already tried the latest breakfast build of Coccinella? (there are some bug fixes in there for HTTP Polling!)

Hello! Thanks to Mats´ and your help I managed to connect despite proxy at work a few hours ago (I wrote as "Joan").
Please, can you tell me here if I can use this PC version of Coccinella on USB flash disk or is there a special portable version?

You can create a cross-platform portable Coccinella USB stick if you like.

  1. Create a folder called "Coccinella" (or what you prefer).
  2. Put in here all the binaries (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X). You also can opt to only put the Windows binary in there in case you don't use Mac OS X or Linux. Just put in there the binaries you prefer.
  3. Then open on each platform the binary of that platform.
  4. Go to the preferences and enable the checkbox option "Store preferences in same folder as program" (on the General page).
  5. Preferences will now be saved on the USB stick in the same folder as the binary.

Ááá, thank you, that´s so easy...

This is now documented in the FAQ: How to make Coccinella portable?