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trouble logging in

What's with the forum? I've had to re-enable my password twice.
And it doesn't allow me to edit some of my comments.

Is this a known problem? Anyone else having issues?

I'm using SeaMonkey and also tried accessing this forum with Safari on OS X.

PS-Yes, I am changing the password after getting back in.


I've not heard any other stories about such a problem. Maybe you entered an anti-spam CAPTCHA wrongly? Or maybe you accessed the forum using and (you need to log in to both separately).

I've tried to enable liberal javascript settings just in case this is influencing my problem. I'll just wait and see.


I had the same problem just now, and on a whim I input my alias --instead of my email-- and got in. I could swear that inputting my email gets me in (after adjusting the password).



PD-I'm not sure what got thinking that my email was used as an username. Maybe ... some other forum ...