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Synchronized Releases in Practice

After reading The Blessings of Synchronized Releases, you probably wonder how we practically organize synchronized releases at the Coccinella project. In this article I will give you some insight into our release process.

Synchronized flying geese

Credit: Greg7, License: by-nc


Synchronized releases are implemented at the Coccinella project this way:

  1. Since 19 September 2007 we synchronize each 6 months with major Gnome releases.
  2. Because only 2 releases each year is too few for a fast-moving instant messaging client like Coccinella, we also provide you with about 2 or 4 additional releases each year.
  3. These additional releases in between the synchronized releases are not synchronized to anything.
  4. However, we can say that there is a release roughly every 3 months. So, you can at least download 4 Coccinella releases each year.

Added Value?

You can choose:

  1. Predictable synchronized releases every 6 months -- For non-business users, business users, and downstream distributions who would like to include Coccinella in their repositories.
  2. Nonsynchronized Releases in between -- If you can't wait 6 months for new features in Coccinella.
  3. Daily breakfast builds -- If you want to hunt for bugs in the newest development stuff.
  4. Real-time development version -- For developers, hardcore bug hunters, and geeks who can't live without last-minute updates.