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Error When Trying To Set Buddy Actions

I keep getting this error

invalid command name "::Sounds::GetTextForName"
invalid command name "::Sounds::GetTextForName"
while executing
"::Sounds::GetTextForName $s"
(procedure "::BuddyPounce::Build" line 60)
invoked from within
"::BuddyPounce::Build user {}"
("after" script)

What can I do about it?

I'm running Cocci on Ubuntu.


The bug should be fixed in the development version. Can you test tomorrow's (less than 24 hours after this post) daily build to see if the bug is fixed on your system? Thanks in advance.

Yep, that worked fine.

How long till a deb is available?

We don't create distribution-specific packages. We only provide binaries that should run on most distributions. You should ask your distribution about that, but they'll probably will not create a package before next official Coccinella release (0.96.10) which will be released on September 24.


So how come there was a deb package for 0.96.8 then? :-/

Other people made it.