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SVG Graphics

Just released is my tkpath package version 0.3.0 which for the first time brings a new canvas widget to Tcl/Tk which conforms to a more "modern" 2D drawing model found in SVG.

My motiviation for producing close to 43 thousand lines of C code for just this widget is because it is necessary for adding SVG graphics to the whiteboard in Coccinella. It doesn't claim to be a full featured SVG viewer. In fact, there is no support for translating svg tkpath yet, but since I have carefully designed the widget with SVG in mind, it shouldn't be too difficult to write such script code. SVG is really big and I don't claim every part is supported. For instance, clipping is yet unsupported. Remember, it is still version 0.3.0.

For the curious you can visit the SourceForge page where some screenshots can be found and the complete sources can be checked out. Before I have written a svg2tkp importer I don't have much fancy graphics to show.


I just love the fact that SVG is being sent in the Jabber message packet.

One question: What Jabber implementations store/archive the non-standard message? We are using Openfire which only stores/archives the body of the typical text message and not the SVG portion.

Any thoughts on this?

Can you compare tkpath to tkzinc?