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SVG maps over XMPP


I'm wondering if it'd be possible to use XMPP to publish SVG maps.

There are lots of proto-XEP regarding shared editing and whiteboarding and I don't know which one would be the best, although apparently SXE reflects the last consensus.

I'm thinking to SVG maps converted from KML. There exists the NetworkLinkControl element in KML files which is made for regular polled-update but I'm wondering if push updates wouldn't be better.

I'm also thinking to SVG maps sent to mobile devices with XMPP, mainly to take advantage of ZLib and TLS compression assuming it would substantially reduce bandwidth consumption (though I don't know how compression is efficient with SVG). The SVG documents would be completely sent over XMPP with no HTTP query, and only the new modified data would be sent thanks to shared editing capability.

A XMPP based planetarium with real-time updates would really cool, also. :)

Would it be doable ?