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GEOLOC Interop

Hello, I am trying to get our client, imov Messenger, to interoperate with Coccinella in regards to the GEOLOC XEP. One issue I have found so far is that Coccinella doesn't add the "hash" element to the

node when advertising GEOLOC support. The XEP says this is the proper format:
<presence from='bard@shakespeare.lit/globe'>
  <c xmlns='' 
but Coccinella leaves out the hash attribute. The hash attribute is needed to differentiate from clients that use the "ver" attribute to contain the version number of their client (like Googletalk does). Can this be fixed in the next version? I would love to see GEOLOC interoperate! Thanks!

This is probably not possible as next release is on September 24.

Just checking to see if this fix made it into a build yet? Thanks

See latest blog post. Can you provide a patch?

See Bug #268646. Can you test interoperability with imov messenger?