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How to encapsulate all the things into a exe file?

I checked out the Coccinella's source code from cvs and have made some hacks on it.

And now, I want to encapsulate all the things into a exe file, just like that we can download from Coccinella's download website, so I can transfer the file to my girl friend and let her use it easily - I don't think she could / would like to install tcl by herself :(

So, I want to know how could I do this ? Any help?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I've found freewrap which do the job that I want to do.

Does Coccinella use freewrap to encapsulate things into a exe file too ?

I've found starkits when I browsed today and was thinking that coccinella maybe use this tool too.
And it's true.

Thank you very much. -- How stupid I was that didn't found the Building Coccinella Executables : (