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Warping problem :( [ i need help ]

Hi every body , when i warp tcl to exe by freewarp prog.

i go this message :( just when i opend the exe in anther computer but on my computer working well :(

Error sourcing /Documents and Settings/yes net
07/Desktop/UST/coccinella.tcl: couldn't read file "//Documents and Settings/yes net 07/Desktop/UST/lib/Debug.tcl": no such file or directory
() 1 %

i need help and i ave question : what the best prog to make exe file ?


Use the command line tool sdx as described in this tutorial:
Building Coccinella Executables
. As it seems you are running Windows which is not compatible with the standard unix system like most other operating systems, you will not to read these special instructions to run sdx on Windows.

Please note that you probably will have to edit BuildCoccinella.tcl to change the path of sdx in the script. In case this is too difficult on Windows, try to find a machine with Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD or any other unix-like operating system; they all have a more userfriendly command line than Windows.