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It works with UDP protocol?

Hi. This program support UDP protocol? In my office we have a server for ''soft calls". When I enter IP and port of the server in the firewall active connections I see that program trying use a TCP. In result - connection error. Other programs that working with the server is using UDP protocol.


XMPP requires TCP, so you'll need TCP.

jabber or xmpp protocol requires TCP. Your client by default must connect the jabber server on potentially 2 ports:
-a- TCP 5222 ( for old clear uncrypted connexion or with TLS )
-b- TCP 5223 ( for old SSL connection )

Concerning jabber server they need 5269 and 5223 both TCP.

If you try to bypass firewall a way is to connect a jabber server which accept connection on NONE default ports !
you can get explaination here :

i am the admin of this jabber server. remark that you can create free accounts on this machine. You can also test the trick to bypass firewall which to not analyze TCP packets. Before using this trick YOU MUST create your account on the "" server BEFORE being able to use "" server

Hope it helps !



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