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Tutorial: Facebook IM, IM, MySpace IM and Sametime support in 4 commits

A complete developer tutorial to add support for Facebook IM, IM, MySpace IM and Sametime to your instant messaging project:

  1. First, commit IM icons.
  2. Second, commit Facebook icons.
  3. Then, commit MySpace IM and Sametime icons.
  4. Finally, add some gateway category mappings.

Coccinella 0.96.12 will be ready for upcoming support for Facebook IM, MySpace IM and Sametime in the third-party Kraken XMPP Gateway.

Please contribute to the Kraken server gateway to improve the instant messaging experience with all your Facebook, MySpace and Sametime friends (and other chat system) using *any* open standard instant messaging program!

Transports matter!

Add mrim contact and mrim transport


lol wow guys, kudos for being ahead of the game! =) very cool!

Your project is also very cool!