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Freeze on startup

i've just installed Coccinella on linux, but while startup, the splash window freezes on "Initialisation...". I've found a similar post on the board here, and the user just removed the "phone" component. This makes Coccinella work for me too (when using the source version), but i want to use the voice chat feature too.
I've tried the linux binary version as well as the source version and the problem is the same. How can i make Coccinella startup with the phone module?


The iaxclient library binary is probably not compatible with your system. Try to compile the binary yourself and put this binary instead of the current binary in the Coccinella source distribution (bin/unix/Linux/i686/iaxclient/). You also may need to update the pkgIndex.tcl file. Instructions are in the
Building Coccinella Dependencies
tutorial. Can you report whether this works?

PS: which Linux distribution (+version) are you using? Is it also an older Ubuntu version as the other forum poster?

thanks for your reply!
I've tried compiling iaxclient according to the guide you linked. Unfortunately, make fails with a bunch of error messages, the first one being
iaxphone.h:3:21: Error: gdk/gdk.h: No such file or directory

I'm using Zenwalk Linux 5.2 (slackware based) with a bunch of updated packages from the distro's stable repo.

You'll probably need to install the (devel) package of gtk2 for your distribution, or you should use a configure switch to disable building the example clients (I guess that's the only part in iaxclient that needs this, but you don't need this for Coccinella).