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Server <servername> did not respond: timeout.

Hi all,
I would like to use Coccinella but, after fresh install, I can not login to the Server. I do not know why.
I have already tried Pidgin, Psi, Pandion (very good). All of them were easy to install and configure.
May be the issue is that the Server works with "Legacy SSL", I do not know if there is an option equivalent to this is Coccinella. I tried different setups regarding this.
When I click on Login, the "Status Info" says:

"...Initializing the XML stream... "

Then shows the pop-up:

"Server did not respond: timeout"

Obviously, the Server is up and running as I am able to login via Pandion any time.

Any ideas to troubleshoot this issue?

Thx in advance!!


Try to select the option "Use TLS on separate port (old)" (see "More..."-->"Connection"). Does this work?