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Unable to launch coccinella


With the version 0.96.14, I have disable all the plugins using the Infos/Plugins menu.

After that, it is no more possible to start coccinella. A popup windows "Error in startup script" appaears with the following message :
can't read "sortedLocMoods": no such variable
while executing
"foreach mood $sortedLocMoods {
set label [dict get $moodtext $mood]
$m add radiobutton -label[mc $label] - value $mood -image[::Theme::FindIconSiz...
(procdure MPBuild line 19)
invoked from within

Then I tried to install again coccinella but the behavior is the same with the same error message.

Thank you for your help



in your preferences.rdb file (on Linux/BSD in ~/.coccinella) the line beginning with:


then you should be able to restart coccinella.

btw, I was able to reproduce and I'll open a bug report to track the issue.



the Mood and the UserActivity plugins produced problems when they are disabled. I fixed that in subversion. Should be fixed with the next daily build.

Thanks for reporting the problem.