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Help Building Executable on MacOSX

I'm trying to do a custom build, but first I'm just trying to get the tutorial "Building Coccinella Executables" to work.
I keep getting this error: couldn't execute "sdx": no such file or directory
I have done ./tcl & received the grey Tk windows. (v8.5.1)
And sdx is in same folder as BuildCoccinella.tcl file & have done the rename & make executable, but no luck.

Any help greatly appreciated.


There needs to be a sdx binary in your path or you need to edit BuildCoccinella.tcl. Possible solutions:

  1. PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/path/to/directory/with/sdx/binary && export PATH
  2. Edit BuildCoccinella.tcl to use the full path to the sdx binary.
  3. Copy the sdx binary to /usr/local/bin/

Note: for the Windows and Linux binaries, I suggest you to use the latest version of the "tclkit" binaries made by Patrick Thoyts. Note that you also can use the "tclkit-dyn" or "tclkit-gui" versions which will result in smaller Coccinella binaries without a dependency on a C++ library. However, as Coccinella depends on Metakit which is not included in these builds, you will lose some functionality and see some related error popups when running these Coccinella builds.

Thanks Sander that is great info.