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Movable Roster Columns

I have thought of adding movable roster columns some time and suddenly a flash stroke my head. This applies, of course, only to the avatar/flat roster styles, which btw. use identical code.

After several days of effort to restructure the roster tree tags to be more consistent, I just happened to read in the TreeCtrl manual about movable columns. I promise, it didn't take two minutes to implement, and I didn't even restart the application since a simple cut and paste to the console is enough. Pretty cool that for once things come extremely easy. Full credits goes to Tim Baker and his TreeCtrl widget. In the meantime I also added an icon for the status column.

The lesson to learn is that there's a lot of "low hanging fruit" out there, just keep your eyes and ears open.

PS: Some fresh air and a half coup of coffee helped to come into mood.