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Coccinella also was reviewed in computer magazines and in big websites like Lifehacker and ghacks.

Anyway, as a personal note I would like to add that I stopped contributing to Wikipedia a few years ago because over time it started to care more about deleting other people's contributions instead of improving them. For an open-source community project this is a very stupid thing to do because contributions made by people in their free time is what drives community projects (the same for other open-source projects like Coccinella). If a selected few a Wikipedia people prefers the easy way to delete content instead of to improve this content, it will just mean the people who contributed this deleted content will stop contribution additional content (like I did): it would be stupid to contribute additional content if you know there is a high chance a privileged happy few of Wikipedians will delete this deletion preference of the Wikipedia project kills motivation of new and existing contributors.

Are there any statistics about contributions to Wikipedia? I suppose the growth of contributions already is declining and soon there will be a negative growth in the number of I guessing correctly?

Success with restoring the Coccinella article, but maybe it is better to try to change the project's deletion policies so that it will become easier for the selected happy few of core Wikipedians to improve contributed content than it is to delete this content. If this won't happen, I predict the project will see a collapse in a few years with loads of contributors leaving the project.

As I just read here, stpeter suggests to add the article in above mentioned wiki: