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Help me about the Witheboard !

Hi all.

I'm a electro-mechanical student and for I currently work on my degree's project.

I have to make an GUI application which is much like the Whiteboard. Your's is really very very good. But I don't know how to save the canvas content as a file which could be edited next time, and just like the '.can' of the whiteboard. And my programmation language is also Tcl.

Did you have any tips to help me out ? Or did you have the source code of the whiteboard, I promise I'll not copy it,and just learn how to do it, then make another one.





you may download the sources from, and take a look into the whiteboard subdirectory.



I have downloaded it, but I can't find the subdirectory. My system is Windows.

Is there some wrong happened?

You need to download the source at the right. Read the asterisk remark for instructions in case you want to run from source.

Thanks. Have done..

As Sebastion told, you indeed can download the source. Please also note it is allowed and encouraged to copy the code as long as you stick the the terms in our copyleft license.

To answer your other question, you can use the big save and open buttons in the toolbar of the whiteboard window. That should work.

My version is Coccinella-0.96.18 on Windows, but I can't find the code.

Where is it? Could you tell me clearlly.


come on, guess which one of the four downloads from the download page will contain the source?
I give you a hint, its labeled source.


Rabaha already found it: see the post of Saturday morning.