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Whiteboard Standard


I'm working on the implementation of an open whiteboard protocol under XMPP for a webclient, something I've seen asked many times before (JS whiteboard implementation). Since I would like this to be as standard as possible for comunication among all XMPP whiteboarding clients, I would like to know were could I have documentation of how coccinella sends whiteboard data, since (as far as I know) this is the only true whiteboard client until now.

Ideal would be to use an SVG comunication under XMPP, since this would make really easier implementation on webclients, and is a current standard. But I understand that you are just working on something alike, and I don't know how coccinella currently manage it's whiteboard.

I'll be waiting for your response.



I haven't yet looked into detail how the whiteboard works. At least the deferred XEP-0113 is not in the list of supported XEPs, so I'd guess its kind of different.
But it might be (close to) this XEP:

Other than that, there is this memo:

If you want to see the XML in action, you can press the CTRL-D when running coccinella, to see the raw XML conversation between coccinella and the server.

If you are familiar with tcl, then you can also download the coccinella sources, and take a look into the whiteboard subdirectory.