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Voice over IP (VoIP) Questions

Is VoIP supported?

Yes, Coccinella supports Voice over IP using Jingle. The Speex codec is used by default. Coccinella uses the iaxclient library for internet telephony.

Is video conferencing supported?

No, video conferencing is not yet supported.

Is Coccinella's VoIP compatible with Google Talk?

No, currently Coccinella only supports IAX, which is not (yet) supported by Google Talk. So, you cannot yet receive calls from or make a call to people using the Google Talk client.

Can Coccinella be connected to an Asterisk server?

Yes, since version 0.96.19 (current development version) you can connect your Coccinella client to an Asterisk PBX, using the IAX2 protocol. On your Asterisk deployment, configure an IAX2 user similar to the following example:

callerid= John Doe 

Subsequently, enter the following information in Coccinella in the IAX Account preferences:

  • Username: 100
  • Password: MyPassword
  • Host: hostname or IP address of your Asterisk PBX
  • Caller ID number: usually 0
  • Caller ID name: John Doe