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D'artagnan Speaks

Now and then there have been a lot of discussions about the JID Escaping XEP and I have contributed myself since I found it problematic that a user may enter a JID where its parts cannot be uniquely identified, and therefore is invalid from a users perspective.

This time I wont dig into this further but instead follow a remark that someone on the standards/jdev lists mentioned that there are erratic SASL implementations out there that wont interpret the backslash character correctly, or was it the spec that was unclear? In any case it was worth investigating since Tcl can be very fuzzy about "special characters" if you are parsing some code an extra round. So I tried registering a user d'artagnan on ejabberd 1.1.2 and OpenFire 3.3.2. I switched on SASL during both the registration stream and any pure login stream. ejabberd worked both during registration and pure login, while OpenFire failed in both cases. Switching off SASL for OpenFire worked, however.