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"error in TClKit" in the Windows version


I was searching for a program like Coccinella a long time and it's just perfect, big thanks to the developer! Unfortunately I can't try it out because my friend is getting an "error in TClKit" when starting the .exe (not self-compiled). I'm running Linux so I can't try it out on my machine. Is there anything he can do about it? Maybe installing some TCLKit libs (or however it's managed under Windows)? Big thanks for the help,



Do you have more information about the error? E.g. debug output, Windows version, and so forth.

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

I've found the error. :) The problem is that my friend has a Russian Windows and he has unpacked Coccinella to a direction with a Russian name. Well, Coccinella seems to have a problem with non-ASCII dirs so the solution for now is to put it into a dir not containing Cyrillic characters.

edit: If I run it from a Russian dir under Linux I get:

file open failed
while executing
"source /home/photon/Desktop/коччинелла/Coccinella-0.96.0.bin/lib/app-Coccinella/Coccinella.tcl"
("package ifneeded" script)
invoked from within
"package require app-Coccinella"
(file "/home/photon/Desktop/коччинелла/Coccinella-0.96.0.bin/main.tcl" line 3)

Just for the case somebody wants to fix it.

Thanks for debugging this. I added a bug entry about this:

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.