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how does pubsub work?

How does JEP-060 (pubsub) work in Coccinella? The documentation says it supports it. Can Coccinella create nodes and publish items? Does it work with ejabberd (which supports pubsub also)? How do you subscribe to a node?


I guess Coccinella supports Publish-Subscribe on library level and that it is only used for PEP features like User Mood, User Activity, User Nickname, and User Location. Not sure, though. I'll point Mats to your question.

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

Yes there is pubsub support. Its only projection to the UI is via PEP which is basically a special wrapper around the pubsub code. I've done some experiments while testing out the pubsub code and it is very hard to figure out what you can do or not. I mean, servers put restrictions on how nodes may be created and where in the pubsub tree. You can always disco a servers pusub service from the Disco tab in the UI to see its nodes. I think it was St Peter who noted in a blog that pubsub hasn't been a hit. I know why. It is way too general to be really usable.

You may test pubsub yorself using the library code. You need to run Coccinella from sources (unix), or switch on the console from Info/Debug. Then in the Coccinella sources coccinella/jabberlib/pubsub.tcl, at the end of that file, you may just copy and paste the test code to the console and see what responses you get from the server. The sources is the only documentation, but they should be easy to understand.