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Coccinella doesn't work :/

I'd like to try coccinella but when I launch it, coccinella stay with the message "Looking for Img".

My question is simple : How to run coccinella ?


What operating system? Do you have more details? Which version did you downloaded?

Version : Coccinella (src and binary, same problem)
OS : Ubuntu 7.10

(I've read the same problem from an other user on debian few months ago)

I can't see what's going wrong. I'm myself using KUbuntu 7.10 and it works great. Can you try to edit in the source version the file Coccinella.tcl and change "set debugLevel 0" to "set debugLevel 4" and then try again? Can you paste the debug output you see in the console here? (start Coccinella using "tclsh Coccinella.tcl" in a terminal/console.

Installation rootdir: /home/maxime/Download/Coccinella-
1st: this(ipnum)=
2nd: this(ipnum)=
--> earlyInitHook
++> component::load

Where did you read that a user on Debian had the same problem btw?

Also do you maybe use a 64 bit CPU?

Please use the link above for latest info on this issue.