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Coccinella 0.96.3 preferences

I tried the last (20-11-2007) version and found that i can´t minimize Coccinella to the tray System it only minimize to task bar. And the close button don´t send any disconnect message. Is it a bug??? or just testing (i remember some close coccinella problems in 0.96.2 version).

A little request, i always set the option the Preference option: "Save preferences in same folder as program". But the CoccinellaPrefs folder is created one level above coccinella. For example it is saved in C:\IM\CoccinellaPrefs, but coccinella program is in C:\IM\Coccinella Messenger-0.96.3Win. It could be better to have the preferences foldes inside the Coccinella Folder, the it would be C:\IM\Coccinella Messenger-0.96.3Win\CoccinellaPrefs. Thank you.


Prefs path changed, see:

For the other two, can you give me some more details, platform, which close button?

I+m talking about the red close botton, in the right of the window title bar. When i press this button, it ask to quit cocinella. In previous version the window were closed but coccinella remains in the task bar...

Moreover when coccinella 0.96.2 starts a coccinella task bar icon appears. In coccinella 0.96.3 the icon doesn´t appear in the task bar.

I´m using windows XP, this bug is not present in coccinella 0.96.2

When rewriting the component loading code I forgot the taskbar since that lives in a directory of its own. This is now fixed but there remains one more check to do for the single file exec: Must be sure that the .ico file is there, but I think it always is.