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notifing window doesn´t work?

i have enabled checkBox in
jabber->customization->enable notifier window
but no notfier window i can see when my freinds are login or logout :(
I was see small window behind windows clock on panel i hope that is not showing in bad position. Could you pls give me a screen how looks a notifier window? thx

edit: typografical error


hey man, could you pls give me the screenshot? :)

I can't: I'm not running Windows and this seems to be a Windows-only feature. Wait for Mats.

on linux it is working? ok thx and see you later

No, this feature is not available on Linux

That code was very old and not updated for a long time. I have now refreshed it a bit, adding a few more event hooks and updated its appearance. In most cases it is only displayed if the application is in the background, and I'm not even sure the notifier window is displayed on top.

In any case the complete notifier system is scheduled for a complete rewrite so don't take it too serious...