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About building coccinella

I've downloaded the 0.96.10 source code, and followed the Building Coccinella Executables to build both a windows and a linux executables on linux, and found two problems:
1. I failed to execute the binaries. On windows, there was just a blank error dialog window. On linux, I just got segment error.
2. The executables are much bigger than the ones on the download site. Both of them are about 18M, but they're more or less 7M on the download site!! What makes the difference?

More environment info:
TCL/Tk 8.5 (Not ActiveTCL)
tclkit 8.5.1 (linux 32b)

P.S. I didn't find the sdx command tool, but just sdx.kit. So I created a script called sdx and it looks like this:
/path/to/tclkit /path/to/sdx.kit

/path/to/tclkit is not the one in the build script but a copy of that.

Any help? Thanks.


1. After I run chmod +x /path/to/coccinella/tcltk-linux-x86 and rebuilt the linux executeable, sometimes it works, I mean if I delete it and rebuild again, it maybe work and maybe not.

2. I get a new error on the windows version:

We need Tk 8.5 or later here. Run Wish or find a tclkit!
while executing
"source (C:/Users/xxx/Desktop/Coccinella Messager-0.96.10.exe/lib/app-Coccinella/Coccinella.tcl)"
("package ifneeded" script)
invoked from within "package require app-Coccinella"
(file "...../main.tcl" line 3)

Is there something wrong with the tclkit ?

3. I've found out why my executables are so big !! Because there are .git directories!!!!! I'd forgotten I was using Git ....

1. No idea, maybe you should try to build a tclkit yourself? I thought there are instructions on the same site where you can download them.

2. The tutorial links to an old Tcl/Tk 8.4.x tclkit version. Coccinella dropped support for 8.4 in one of the last releases. This one should work:

After I downloaded and , everything works well now.

Wow, thanks sander, you're so helpful.


btw, as you have read the Building Coccinella Executables tutorial, maybe you want to share feedback about that tutorial, besides the bugs you already found in it? Like things that were difficult to understand or suggestions to improve the instructions. Maybe I then can do an overhaul of that tutorial with your feedback.