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Interworking between Coccinella and GTalk for VoIP

I have installed Coccinella on MacOS X. I have a personal Jabber Server (OpenFire from Jive, runnning on Linux) managing my community (and I also use Drupal as CMS).
VoIP is OK between two Coccinella clients.
As Coccinella uses Jingle, is there a possibility to establish VoIP calls with GTalk users ?
When chatting with GTalk users, the telephone option does not appear.

Is it possible or not?
What should be configured ?
Any idea.

Thanks for your feed-back.

Dominique PIERRE



I saw that this question was already answered:
"No, it is not (yet) possible. Coccinella only supports IAX for VoIP. For voice chat with Google Talk, support for Jingle ICE Transport should be added to Coccinella and Google Talk should become comptible with the XEP (which is currently not the case AFAIK)."

About the "not (yet)" in the answer. What are the plans for implementing it.

I find that Coccinella is an appealing client with interesting features. And I would like to definitively make it my one and only Jabber client.

Dominique PIERRE

This now is in the FAQ:

I also added an entry to the new bug tracker:

Note that this does not means calling with Google Talk will be supported soon. Probably Google Talk should update to stable Jingle XEPs first, plus the libjingle library should be easier (iaxclient is much easier Mats said...maybe he will blog about this one time in the future)

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.