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Where can i change input encoding

We are thinking to use Coccinella at work, however, we found an encoding problem. The input seems to be ISO8859-1 (Swedish) while the whole system is UTF8 and accepts incoming Turkish characters which doesnt exists in ISO8859-9 character set. I mean the problem exists only in input.
I tried running from the source using tcl console and specifying encoding as ISO8859-9 (Turkish) and it works nice. Since I will distribute the application to non-technical people I want to have single executable. How can I make this change permanent in the standalone application.
Cem Kalyoncu


Which platform do you use? Windows? Isn't it possible to use UTF-8 in Windows? This encoding is supported in the tclkit used to create the Coccinella binary. Can you try to run Coccinella's source using a Tclkit for your system which can be found on?:

Yes the platform in question is Windows (XP SP2, also same problem on wine). UTF-8 seems to be default encoding and does its part. If a message contains Turkish characters, they are displayed correctly without any problem. However, input made by the user is encoded with Swedish character set and translated to UTF-8 although Windows settings are Turkish (both default encoding and unicode normalization).
I have run the source code using Tclkit and run using ISO8859-9 encoding which solves the problem.
What I really ask is to how to compile the source with a different encoding. Tutorial about compilation fails to mention it (or I missed that part).
Thanks in advance,

You can try to compile a binary using the Building Coccinella Executables tutorial, but try to use the Tclkit from that works for you.

PS: I strongly suggest to create the binary on Mac OS X, Linux or FreeBSD because Windows lacks a userfriendly command line. In short: it will be easier on non-Windows platforms.