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Whiteboard with Wacom tablet?

I'm doing some virtual whiteboard software evaluations for a client and came across Coccine!!a.

My question to users or developers here is whether the whiteboard app supports Wacom tablets. Has anyone here used a Wacom with the whiteboard app? If so, anything special involved with getting it to work?

More generally, besides a mouse, what have you used to input sketch and diagram drawing into the whiteboard app of Cocine!!a?

My client will want Windows, OS X, and Linux support for these input devices.

Thanks for any information or opinions you have on tablet input or other input devices besides mouse.


Don't these Wacom tablets act like a mouse? If so, I think they should work in Coccinella, but I'm not sure as I've never even touched a tablet. I only used a mouse and the mousepad of my laptop for the whiteboard, so far.

It almost works ... unfortunately, the whiteboard doesn't seem to interact with the pressure sensitivity of the table - so, for example, when using the pen tool, any movement counts as drawing, i.e. handwriting comes out as very joined up!

It would be great if this did work. I can't imagine that it's a big code change. I was experimenting with it on OS X, if that makes any difference.

I've never built anything with Tcl, so it would take me a while to get to grips with what would need to be done, but if someone else would like to add this functionality, I'd be happy to help out with testing.

Can you file a bug report for better tablet support (including useful resources)? Note also that it may take a very long time before Mats (our coder) can take a look into this due to personal issues, so you may want to try it yourself first. To get started, you probably can best ask about tablet support in Tcl/Tk in this discussion group. Maybe someone in the Tcl/Tk community already worked on this...

I can make this work on OS X. Needed to change com.wacom.pentable_prefs in ~/Library/Preferences

ButtonName tip

UpperPressureThreshold 138
LowerPressureThreshold 135

kill and restart PenTabletDriver ( /Library/Application Support/Tablet)

On my tablet, with those settings, the pen registers as having the mouse clicked when you touch the tablet, but doesn't register when the pen is moving just above the tablet. I guess that different thresholds might work for different tablets.